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Welcome to our Food Awards Success Stories!

 On this page, you’ll have the opportunity to hear about what our previous winners are up to and how the NZ Food Awards has helped them get there. We’ll be updating this page weekly as we share our stories across social media. Stay tuned!

The Lovely Little Food Co


2015 Frozen Award: I Love Pies Really Good Free Range Sausage Rolls

“The consumer feedback on our sausage rolls has been amazing, but to have this recognition from our industry peers is the icing on the cake for us….” –Jessie Stanley, Co-Founder

“We taste literally hundreds of food samples, from meat to breakfast cereals to spiced rum to chocolates to food designed for invalids and sometimes in that order! So when we were handed a plate of this year’s winner of the frozen foods category – I Love Pies’ lovely free range sausage rolls – it’s fair to say we were all absolutely chuffed. These sausage rolls are everything they¹re supposed to be – the pastry is flakey and gorgeous, the filling tasty and meaty, there are no nasties in the ingredients list and the fact that they perform so well from frozen to cooked meant they were a clear winner.” –Nicci Wickes, NZ Food Awards Judge

This fan favourite from The Lovely Little Food Co aka I Love Pies Baking won over our judges to take out the 2014 Frozen category. With no MSG, no palm oil, and no artificial colours or flavours, they’re doing the Kiwi icon well and staying true to their “no nasties” product mantra. Since their win, they have continued to impress our judges and countless others with their products. Branching out has worked out well for them too; 2 of their 3 finalist spots in the 2017 #NZFoodAwards are with their I love Baking range.

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Barkers of Geraldine


2016 Dry Award Winner: New Yorker Mustard Relish

2015 Dry Award Winner: NZ Seedless Bramble Berries Preserve

The awards are an integral part of our launch mix for new products and provides a high-profile platform from which to drive awareness and credibility. As our business has continued to grow at swift pace, we have been humbled to still achieve regular wins despite being up against some young, fresh and highly innovative food and beverage manufacturers. The standard of food being produced in New Zealand is absolute top quality, a nod to our strong agricultural base, so we are flattered that as a 48-year-old South Island business we can keep up with the pace! Massey University have been staunch supporters of the awards and the steering team have continued to drive an exceptional awards programme which returns value to finalists.

“Our finalist placements and subsequent wins at NZ Food Awards over several years, in a variety of categories from chutney to cordial to jam, has given us the confidence to broaden into the Australian market. We have reassessed our branding in Australia and have chosen to refresh and repackage our jam and cordial ranges to Barker’s, early in 2016. After having success in the major supermarket retailers, we have teamed up with Monde Nissin to launch chutney and sauce into Australian independent retailers in September. We continue to support food awards on both sides of the Tasman. Fingers crossed we can nab a win for our Australian range at the upcoming Australian Product of the Year Awards. We need some Australian representation in our trophy cabinet!”- Danielle Esplin, Barker’s of Geraldine

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Raglan Coconut Yoghurt 


“When someone suggested we enter the Food Awards, we’d only been in business for about six months, so it felt a bit audacious! It was an amazing night. We got such a buzz out of being at the event and meeting all the other lovely food business owners. Great networking and fantastic work on the part of the organisers.

Having the NZ Food Awards stamp of approval on our product really gave it credibility and people took a greater interest in our business which lead to increased sales. We have entered the Awards every year since, and hope to one day be back up on the stage as it’s a big honour to have your product considered top in its category by such experienced judges.

We believe it’s important for New Zealand to have events like this as a way to celebrate its producers and the hard work everyone puts into developing products that taste great and are made with integrity.” – Tesh Randall, aka Mrs Coconut

Watch Raglan Coconut Yoghurt’s winning rap here

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The Pure Food Co


The Pure Food Co. produces pureed food for those in need of better nutrition, but who cannot eat solid foods. They now provide almost 40,000 meals each month to clients including hospital caterers. Hear what Directors Sam Bridgewater and Maia Royal had to say in this quick question round.Q: How has NZFA helped you in the next stage of your development?
A: The Awards was a huge help in terms of credibility. It showed that our product, as a new and innovative offering, could help with health and wellness. It also raised awareness of our company and our vision.Q: Has this been reflected in your market performance?
A: Since winning the award, we grew 122% in our first year, and 66% in the second year.Q: What would you say to people thinking of entering the Awards?
A: The Awards are an excellent opportunity to meet with other players in the industry, and celebrate excellence in NZ Food. It is worth a look for anyone who has high hopes for the future of their product and their business.Learn more about The Pure Food Co

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Durello Traditional Brazilian Foods


 Since winning their Award in 2014, Durello’s Brazilian Chicken Delights are now one of their best sellers, present in over 60 supermarkets nationwide. The company itself has been going from strength to strength, with company growth, investment, sales and most importantly of all, trust in their brand rising steadily. This year is particularly significant for Durello as they have been part of international road shows and My Food Bag’s Father Day Special, as well as achieving NZFA finalist status for their Brazilian Fish Delights. Export is the next goal for the team. With the help of NZTE, Durello has begun exporting to Singapore and is turning its attention to the Australian market.“Products made in NZ have a very good name overseas and the NZ Food Awards have helped us build solid business relationships nationally and internationally….Entering the NZ Food Awards make such a huge difference. It boosts the name of the company, the trust in your product…and of course the sales. Next year we will be looking into participating in the Export Category!” – Barbara Scholten, Durello Traditional Brazillian Foods

  • Chicken Delights:

Watch for more about their Brazilian Chicken Delights 

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